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Warm, comfortable, and stylish: the men's yak sweater

At Mahogany, comfort and elegance go hand in hand! There are lots of men's yak sweaters to choose from. The men's yak sweater is available in V-neck, crew neck, turtleneck, funnel neck, and hooded styles. The timeless jacket will keep you dressed in style for any occasion.

Stylish in a men's yak sweater

Every year, our design teams create a large collection of 100% yak styles. We pay close attention to every detail. 
Mahogany style is fashionable and timeless, made with high-quality materials and expertise that has been proven over many years. The result is a collection of ultra-warm, chic and comfortable sweaters. 
Check out the wide variety of styles of men's yak sweaters, in everything from 2-ply to 24-ply. 
Looking for a solid wardrobe basic? Then the men's yak sweater in 2-ply wool is what you're after. It can be worn on any occasion, whether you choose a V-neck, crew neck or turtleneck style. 
With a jacket, you'll be ready to face any season and any occasion in style.
For a very masculine look, the funnel neck—with buttons or a zipper—is a must in each collection. Go for a two-tone or solid color men's yak sweater, with a jersey knit, stitch details, or cable knit for a bolder look. 
Our rare pieces: two-tone or two-material sweaters!

The men's yak sweater: the animal and its wool

Where does yak wool come from? 
The wild yak, a massive bovid that's 3.25 m long with a weight that can go up to one ton, lives on the high plateaus of the Himalaya. With its 3-layer coat, it can withstand temperatures as cold as -50°C. 

Nomads have known and used yak fiber for over 1,000 years to make tents, ropes, clothes, and blankets. The yak duvet we use for our men's and women's yak sweaters is the extremely soft undercoat. This duvet broke into the world of luxury in the past few decades and all signs point to it staying there: 
This fiber is as soft as cashmere, warmer than merino wool, and as strong as camel hair. As a connoisseur of fine fabrics, you're sure to love it. You'll love our men's yak sweater.


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