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Vicuna scarf: an extremely fine and rare material

With our vicuna clothing styles, you'll join the circle of connoisseurs of fine materials. Treat yourself to an elegant vicuna sweater, cape, shawl, or extremely soft stole!
The Mahogany wooden gift box is a symbol of luxury...

The refinement and comfort of vicuna clothing... pure Andean gold

Among all the types of natural wool, vicuna is the absolute best. With a diameter of just 12 microns, its wool is the finest, softest and warmest of all natural fibers. The coat of this legendary animal is even finer and warmer than cashmere or alpaca. By comparison, a human hair is 70 microns in diameter! But how can wool that fine be the warmest?
It's incredible thermal quality is due to the make-up of its fibers. The fibers in its fleece are filled with hollows that trap insulating air. With our men's or women's vicuna clothing, you'll stay warm all winter in style! Sweater in cashmere, stole, scarf, shawl, or women's cape... Vicuna, also called Andean gold, is the epitome of refinement!

Vicuna clothing... the animal and its history

This member of the camelid family is small in stature (1.3 m tall on average) but is very strong. It lives in herds in the high desert and mountains of the Andes at altitudes of 3,500 to 5,000 meters. The harsh climate in these high plateaus makes its coat extremely warm and soft. That's why it’s the warmest type of wool in the world.

The vicuna, whose population under the Inca Empire is estimated at around one million, was still in danger of extinction not long ago. In the 1970s, their population dwindled to only 5,000 head. Today, thanks to government and international measures, its population is over 300,000 in the wild and is growing steadily.
Importing vicuna wool is still highly controlled and extremely rare. According to our sources, there are only 2 other importers of this fiber in all of Europe. We are delighted to offer you our premium collection in vicuna for men and women.


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