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Precious and rare: women's vicuna sweaters

Join the circle of connoisseurs of fine materials by choosing a product from our women's vicuna collection. Whether you choose a vicuna sweater, cape or scarf, you'll fall for this supremely soft material!
The wooden gift box reflects its premium quality...

Women's vicuna sweater: become a fan of luxury materials!

Any specialist in premium knits will tell you that a vicuna sweater is made of the ultimate material. It's the most expensive, finest, and softest wool that can be found. The vicuna fiber has a diameter of 12 microns, and has the unique feature of having a hollow section that retains heat. With one of our women's pieces made from vicuna, you'll be ready to face winter!
Sweaters made with this fabulous material are very stylish and will emphasize your feminine features. Did you know it takes six to eight animals to gather enough wool to make a single women's vicuna sweater?
Our newest innovation and an exceptional garment: our women's vicuna cape! Its fabulous drape is the epitome of elegance.
Trust us, you'll love our luxurious women's vicuna pieces and will become a true fan of their incredible softness.

Your women's vicuna sweater... the "wool of the gods"

You're extremely fortunate to find women's vicuna styles in our premium collection. Clothes made with the fabulous fiber are very rare. Only a few prestigious international brands sell them. We only know of 2 other importers of this fiber in all of Europe.

This little animal is part of the camelid family and was until recently on the brink of extinction. In their day, the Incas were the first to discover the extreme softness of their wool and called it "the wool of the gods". The population of this iconic animal at that time is estimated to be more than one million. In the 1960s, it dropped to just 20,000 animals.
In the last forty years, significant measures have been taken to increase their population. Currently, it is estimated that there are about 300,000 vicuna in the wild, and their numbers are increasing. More than half of their total population today lives on the high plateaus of the Andes in Peru, where our women's vicuna collection comes from.


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