Alpaca & camelCamel for ladies

Camel for ladies

Camel Wool: A Textile Discovery for Elegant Women

Camel wool is a gem often overlooked by the general public. Derived from the undercoat of the camel, this fiber is distinguished by its thickness, slightly more pronounced than cashmere. Women looking for authenticity and comfort will find it a natural option. Derived directly from the animal, this wool presents a variety of shades, offering every woman a unique and refined dressing experience.

Natural properties for feminine well-being

For the modern woman seeking both comfort and elegance, camel wool is an invaluable ally. It has that incredible ability to warm on cool winter evenings and cool on hot summer days. This thermal adaptability, coupled with excellent moisture wicking, makes it a naturally antiperspirant fiber. Ladies, no more worries about comfort: this wool has it all.

A Camel Wool, Multiple Styles for Women

Wearing camel wool is more than just a style statement, it's a true art. Whether you're on your way to a business meeting, lunch with friends or a chic evening out, this material adapts to every occasion. It can be used for casual outfits or more sophisticated looks, always highlighting every woman's natural beauty. Looking for a cocooning evening? Mahogany also offers thick camel hair socks.


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