Cashmere for menTimeless classics

Timeless classics

Timeless basics to have in our wardrobe

Cashmere stands out for its exceptional softness, making it a timeless piece to have in your wardrobe. Classic men's pieces such as V-neck, round-neck and turtleneck sweaters and cashmere cardigans are must-haves in the men's wardrobe.

They're the foundation of a well-matched outfit, and their simplicity makes them easy to combine with other elements. For example, with raw denim jeans and boots, accompanied by a trench coat, a cashmere turtleneck sweater completes the outfit very well for an edgy city look.

Timeless beyond cashmere

While cashmere remains a safe bet, Mahogany offers you other equally noble materials. Indeed, these timeless cashmere pieces for men now come in materials as varied as yak, camel and alpaca. Each of these fibers has its own characteristics.

For example, yak offers warmth comparable to cashmere, but with added strength. Camel, meanwhile, is renowned for its lightness and thermoregulatory properties, while alpaca stands out for its strength and ability to retain warmth.


The durability of our Intemporelle range

Our classic men's cashmere models have proven their worth over the past 18 years, and remain style stalwarts. Their longevity testifies to their timelessness through the years and their ability to transcend the ephemeral trends of men's fashion.

These basics have survived the test of time, confirming their timeless status and ability to retain their stylistic relevance, regardless of season or year. The advantage gentlemen, is that you'll never go wrong by adopting a cashmere basic.


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