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Alpaca Sweaters for Women

Mahogany Cashmere offers you a range of alpaca sweaters and cardigans. A magnificent, soft, insulating, and durable material, you can wear your sweater or cardigan in any season. Its slightly downy appearance gives it exceptional softness, and the colours in natural shades will easily match your wardrobe. The Mahogany-branded styles will bring a chic touch to each of your outfits and true comfort. To complete your look, consider our alpaca accessories, they will be your best friends for winter walks.

Alpacas: the living heritage of the Andes

Anchored in the memory of the Andes, the alpaca transcends mere animal status to become a living icon. This jewel of the mountains, gracefully roaming the Andean peaks, offers wool that has become an emblem of refinement and softness. Each fiber is obtained with care and respect, ensuring the well-being of these magnificent creatures while guaranteeing exceptional softness and durability. At Mahogany, it's called baby-alpaca because it's a selection of the finest alpaca hair, often harvested from young animals.

The softness of baby alpaca sweaters for women

The charm of alpaca wool lies in its unequalled characteristics. Beyond its velvety feel, superior to so many others, it stands out as a thermal shield. Its insulating properties, combined with its silky texture, make it the ultimate refuge from the bitter cold. It is non-irritating and intrinsically hypoallergenic, a real blessing for delicate skin.

The different colors of women's baby alpaca sweaters

Mahogany's baby alpaca creations are remarkable not only for their texture, but also for their rich palette. From powder pink evoking sunrises, to the deep blue of night skies, through ecru reminiscent of Andean peaks, and pumpkin orange reminiscent of the pretty colors of South America, to earthy tones like caramel or natural brown, each hue is a promise of escape.


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