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Step into luxury with our men's vicuna sweaters

Men's vicuna sweaters are exceedingly rare and are incredibly soft. All of our pieces, sweaters or scarves, are sure to please men with high standards. The included wooden gift box will make an exceptional gift.

Men's vicuna sweater: a journey into the world of exceptional clothing!

Mahogany has been specializing in high-end cashmere and other noble materials for many years. We're always on the lookout for exceptional materials, and we aim to always offer you the best. That's the case with our sumptuous men's vicuna garments.
Vicuna is the ultimate luxury material. The coat of this small animal is made up of a fiber of an extreme fineness, measuring just 12 microns! Of all the natural fibers, only silk is finer (and remember, vicuna is wool!). The fiber that comes from this legendary animal is the warmest and softest of them all. Finding pieces made from this type of wool is very difficult because it is rarely imported. We only know of 2 other importers of this fiber in all of Europe.
Treat yourself to one of our men's vicuna pieces and you're sure to fall for its incredible softness.

Men's vicuna sweaters: the "wool of the gods"

It took us a whole year and a lot of determination to successfully import this exceptional material. It is so extraordinary that the Incas called it the "wool of the gods."
The animal that provides the wool for your men’s vicuna items was on the brink of extinction not long ago. During the time of the Incas, this legendary animal numbered more than a million head. In the 1960s, their numbers dwindled to less than 20,000. Thanks to governmental and international measures starting in the late 1970s, the population of this small camelid has increased. There are now 300,000 of them, and the number is growing steadily. Only a few hundred pieces made with this precious material are exported worldwide each year. It is therefore a great privilege for us to be able to offer you men's vicuna items in our Premium collection.
We have no doubt you'll appreciate its incomparable softness as much as we do. Incredibly stylish, with a fabulous drape, our men's vicuna garments will give you an effortlessly sophisticated and masculine style.


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