Cashmere for menCashmere Duvet

A very special collection

that is produced with yarn that is 2 times thinner than the yarn that we use for the rest of our collection. The result is an extremely soft sweater, made to be worn next to the skin and worn in winter as well as in spring and summer. This is amazingly soft.
Only for the connoisseur.

Cashmere down: finesse and softness

Cashmere is a very fine, soft natural fiber that comes from the very fine undercoat of the cashmere goat. The fineness of its fibers makes it a precious wool that is both soft and warm, with incomparable insulating qualities.

Men's cashmere down, a second skin

Give your skin the best of softness and adopt cashmere down for men. Incomparably soft and rare, Mahogany's cashmere down for men is different from our standard 2-thread sweaters because it's extremely fine, the yarn used is XX microns when our standard 2-thread cashmere sweaters are XX microns. This cashmere down is designed to be worn next to the skin, bringing you warmth, comfort and well-being.


Our collection of cashmere down pieces: how to wear them

Our cashmere down clothing collection offers a range of timeless essentials that will seduce you and adapt to your morphology. Indeed, there are different shapes of cashmere down garments in this collection that can suit all men and all occasions. For example, the V-neck sweater can be worn with raw denim jeans, a blazer and sneakers for a casual look. A round-neck T-shirt with Bermuda shorts will be your summer outfit. The must-have is our hyper-comfortable cashmere down pajamas for men - you won't be able to do without them!


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The best quality cashmere yarn
Sizes from XS to XXXXL


3-4 working days delivery service


hand made in Nepal


Up to 45 days for refunds / exchanges