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An elegant selection of men's cashmere sweater jackets, cardigans and sweater vests

You're sure to love our gorgeous collections of men's cashmere sweater jackets and vests. Choose your favorite style: V-neck, crew-neck, shawl collar, hooded... with buttons or a zipper, in solid colors or two-tone hues, or made with two different materials... You've got tons of styles to choose from! Fast delivery.

Men's cashmere sweater jacket, cardigan, or sweater vest: a focus on quality

Quality is one of our top priorities at Mahogany. We select only the best fibers for our men's cashmere sweater jackets, cardigans, and sweater vests, just as we do for all our other styles.
Our wool comes from Mongolian goats from the Chinese province of Inner Mongolia. To combat the extreme cold that reigns in these regions, the goats produce a duvet that is gathered in the spring when they shed their wool. After combing, the hairs are carefully sorted: only the longest, finest, whitest hairs are selected. This painstaking selection is what gives your sweater vest or men's cashmere cardigan its incredible soft feel.
The ultra-white wool isn't just a sign of quality. It also means we don't have to bleach the fibers, preventing damage.

Men's cardigans, sweater jackets and vests: more than just style!

Check out our large selection of premium styles in our men's cashmere sweater jacket category. Each year, our design teams takes inspiration from the latest trends to offer you knits that are timeless and stylish. Choose from our huge selection of collar styles and necklines, closures, knits and cables.
You'll love our men's two-tone or two-material sweater jackets!
At Mahogany, premium manufacturing is also a human affair. All of our designs, like our men's cashmere cardigan or cashmere sweater vest, are made in Nepal. Our historic partner is a family business who has been working with us for over ten years. Their unique expertise and dedication to the well-being of their teams and families earned our trust immediately. Relationships are extremely important to us, both within the company and in choosing who we work with.
Your men's cardigan or men's cashmere sweater vest are just two examples of their incredible mastery of their ancestral handicraft, combined with the latest technologies.


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