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100% cotton Giza 45

Learn more about the exceptional Giza 45 and our cotton T-shirt & sweater collection.

This is a highly graded cotton fabric, as soft as the most outstanding cashmere.

Giza 45 is an Egyptian cotton of outstanding quality which makes it extremely soft. It is the reason why we chose it to make our cotton t-shirts as well as cotton sweaters.

This cotton is produced in an area of perfect weather conditions: production is a few tons a year whereas the worldwide production is about 20 million tons. Giza 45 cotton only represents 0.4% of the Egyptian cotton production, which is 0.3% of the global production. This indicates how rare Giza 45 is.

There is only one other cotton on earth that is as treasured in terms of quality: The mythical Sea Island cotton.
In 1830 Ali Pacha, founder of the modern Egypt discovered the Sea Islands during a trip to the Caribbean. Astonished by the quality of the fabric he decided to bring some cotton seeds back and grow them in the Nile delta where the soil is exceptionally fertile and already growing the world’s best cotton at that time.

That plantation is a tiny area east of the delta that makes the Giza 45 cotton. The name Giza originates from Gizah the famous archaeological site and the pyramids that are located in that area.

The typical features of Giza 45 cotton is its incredible thinness: about 2.95µ (human hair: 75µ), and the length of its fibre, longer than 36 mm.
Our cotton sweater range is amazingly soft and this may be the only occasion that you will be able to purchase this luxury cotton again.

Why not treat yourself to a Giza cotton T-Shirt.


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